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Hard to believe that the second year of my PhD in storytelling with adolescents is drawing to a close.  And with that comes the approach of its culminating event: a symposium and festival to disseminate much of what we have learned in iCAN and in my PhD research – as well as gather perspectives from other practitioners, researchers and young people across the country (and maybe even beyond).

The chosen dates are Fri 22nd and Sat 23rd April 2016.  The event will feature talks, workshops, performances, discussions and as well as sharing research, it will be a form of practice research in itself.  After all, how often do you get teenagers, their teachers and drama practitioners, and practice-informed researchers all together in one room to talk about young people and storytelling?  It will be a unique opportunity to explore and articulate what young people do with storytelling, and why it might be important.  We will gather together many of the symposium’s threads into a film, and hopefully at a later date also a book.

I am particularly looking forward to the performance evening, which will feature storytelling performances developed specially for an audience of 12-18-year-olds, as well as performances by young people themselves.  While we will be crossing artforms, the source of each performance will be in the oral storytelling tradition – perhaps not as we know it.  For example, there will be a performance by a very talented young group of Indian dancers with whom I am working, whose artform is itself a highly developed form of physicalized storytelling.  ve written more about it here.


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I am greatly looking forward to reuniting with Anneliese Emmans Dean for a performance of our show about all things bird-like, Flying High, at the Ryedale Book Festival on 11th October.

AED and CathThe show is a half-hour celebration, in story and poetry, of birds in all their diversity and splendour.  It’s for anyone aged 5+, so we’ll be performing as part of a ‘Family Fun Day’ in Malton’s Castle Gardens, which will also feature other performances across all sorts of artforms, many on a wildlife theme.

Here we are performing it at the York Literature Festival in 2013:

aed and cath and cuckoo

You can book tickets for the whole Family Fun Day here.

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