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Saturday 7th February will once more see storytellers and storylisteners gather at the Friends Meeting House for a fantastic range of events – all thanks to the incredible organisational efforts of Helen Sant.  I have decided to contribute an event based on my research with adolescents so far, perhaps flippantly entitled ‘So you think you’re too old for stories?’  I’d like to give people a flavour of what stories teenagers respond to – and how they respond.

It is such a dominant assumption in our culture that they simply don’t want or need them, or that they prefer to get them from TV or video games.  But this hasn’t been my experience at all.  Yes, there are times when a casual observer wouldn’t recognise what I’m doing as storytelling, so informal it usually is.  There are also times I choose the wrong story – or the wrong follow-up activity – or don’t read the room correctly.  There are also times when it’s more important to listen.  But on the whole, my experience has been that adolescents are natural storytellers – that it’s an essential part of their lives in a way that it isn’t part of adults’.

So do join me for an event that will be part-performance, part-workshop – you can book tickets here.  And have a look at the whole programme at www.yorkfestivalstory.co.uk.


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