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As you know, I am working busily away at my PhD in storytelling with adolescents (see my research blog, and also the blog of the iCAN centre where I am based).  But I am still getting up to some other interesting things on the side, which reassure me that I am still a storyteller in my community.  In fact, the ‘ad hoc’ nature of the storytelling I do now that it’s not my ‘proper job’ is almost more rewarding – more informal – more just ‘part of life’:

  • I was asked to come and tell stories at The Retreat, a psychiatric hospital in York – hopefully to be followed with more over the coming year
  • I told stories to hard-to-impress 3-year-olds at the Theatre Royal’s ‘Little Feet’ theatre festival for young children
  • I greatly enjoyed being back in my spiritual home, West Bank Park, telling stories to present and former members of the Very Young Friends of West Bank Park and their parents at the park’s summer fair
  • Turning up to a toddler group run by a friend, with my own 3-year-old and his little friend in tow, I was told I would be let off the session charge in return for a story (The Little Red Hen)!
  • At Scout (well, Beaver Scout) camp with my middle son, I ended up in the marquee in the rain each evening telling funny ones to all the assembled mucky Beavers and their damp mums and dads to settle them down for bed.
  • This weekend I will be leading a breakfast seminar on storytelling for the women of a local church, St Paul’s Holgate, and hopefully getting them all telling their own tales.
  • And of course there’s my own kids…whose need for stories seems to increase rather than diminish as they grow.

I think most people I meet know and appreciate storytelling these days.  I feel like it’s getting closer and closer to a point where people will take it back up as a normal social practice, a way of entertaining each other and being together. 


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