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In The Beginning, And What Came After

Well, this is a bit of a departure.  A few months ago I was talking to another storyteller, Alice Courvoisier, about the upcoming Festival of Ideas, whose theme this year is ‘Order and Chaos’.  Alice is a physics and maths teacher as well, and suggested that it might be a lot more fun to explore these rather wide-ranging themes through stories, than through a lecture.  That suggestion was a little ball that rolled downhill, until now we are in the advanced stage of devising our show, which we are going to perform in York Theatre Royal‘s studio theatre on Tues 17th June at 7:45pm.    On the way we have acquired two versatile and quick-thinking musicians, Tassy and Ian Graham (it helps that Tassy is also a physicist, and Ian doesn’t mind joining in the stories!).

The image above was taken by the Hubble telescope, and we’ve chosen it to represent the show because of the ridiculous scale of the subject.  We are going to lead our audience on a journey from chaos – In The Beginning, through to mounting order, complexity and civilisation, then through a crisis back into chaos – that’s What Came After….

There are so many areas of the brain that light up when you say those words, ‘order’ and ‘chaos’.  The creation of the world, the diversity and interdependence of living things, the human drive to tame nature and impose order, what happens when nature kicks back.  We are drawing on stories from mythology (Greek, biblical, Aboriginal), folktale (the dark English boglands), literature (Robinson Crusoe) and sci-fi (Isaac Asimov).  And weaving these together with fragments of our own memories, experiences, hopes and fears about the planet.  Thank goodness we have Tassy and Ian’s responsive music to restore ourselves in between times!

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