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As I have explained elsewhere on these pages, I started a PhD, of all things, back in October.  The topic: storytelling by, for and with teenagers.  It’s not just any kind of PhD – it’s a ‘practice-based’ one.  That means my ‘practice’ as a storyteller and storytelling workshop facilitator shapes my research, or even is my research.  This has been a fascinating journey so far.

I don’t want to limit my discussions on this to an academic audience.  This would be a shame in any subject, but in storytelling it would be a travesty.  I have found most storytellers and educators of young people to be thoughtful and insightful on the subject of how storytelling works, what it can do, how it might be changing in our world.

So please do make a little trip to my new research blog, ‘Storytelling with Adolescents’, some time and let me know about your experiences, or your reactions to my experiences.


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