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In the hurly-burly of organising the York Festival of Storytelling (only two weeks to go!), I have the impression that it is becoming the centre of the universe, and hear storytelling mentioned wherever I go.  Yet it must seem frustrating to more seasoned storytellers than myself that storytelling has remained a fairly marginalised artform.  Too many people still categorise it as an activity for children and/or librarians.  And I too have had the experience of sitting in my ‘story tent’ at festivals or events, with anyone but parents of toddlers walking straight past me.  Many fine tellers have been working for decades to remind the world that we all need, live, breathe, thrive on stories, think in stories, learn from and laugh at stories.

Thus it warms my cockles to hear that the great Taffy Thomas MBE has just been appointed the nation’s first ever Storytelling Laureate .  About time.  And they couldn’t have chosen a better man for the job.  Taffy’s witty, wise, unassuming and generous style, his ability to make all his listeners consider themselves as potential storytellers, his sense of theatre when called for, all qualify him richly for the role.

And of course this makes me even more delighted that Taffy will be performing at the York Festival of Storytelling.  (It’s on Sunday 18th October, in case you’re wondering).  We are getting our pound of flesh out of him – as well as a performance with his ‘Tale Coat’, he will also be giving a workshop to help parents tell stories to their own children, and taking part in our evening concert.

Congratulations Taffy, and see you soon!


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